The Thieves

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“I’m a very absent-minded person, and sometimes I just forget what I did throughout the day. So, once I left our apartment and returned the next day only to discover that the door viewer had dropped out of the door and there’s just a hole on its place. Since I lived with my sister in that apartment, the first thought that came to me was that thieves have sneaked into our flat and stole everything. I opened the door and entered the flat, but everything was on its place. The door viewer was on the floor, I picked it up and installed back.

Same story the next day: I return home, the viewer’s out of place. I got anxious and thought of calling the police to come and check the flat. But my uncle came and he inspected everything as if an expert and said we had nothing valuable at home that could be of any interest to thieves. And then one day, when I opened the door, wind blew and shut the door and I heard the door viewer falling down on the floor. Only then I realized that all these days I was the only reason the door viewer kept falling out its place.”

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