Strange Whisper on the Stairs

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Once, me and my brother were watching a thriller late at night, in which the lights turn off, and there are strange noises, and then the lights turn on and someone gets murdered. So, one day, I’m coming back home from work at midnight, and as I walk up the stairs the lights suddenly turn on. And I hear some strange noises, like someone’s whispering, just like in the movies. Then, the lights turn off, and I stand on the stairs in complete darkness and I’m like, “OK, what’s gonna happen now?” But the lights turn on and again I hear this strange whispering. And lights turn off. And it kept repeating for 3 or 4 times. I brace myself and decide I will continue walking up the stairs until I get home, we lived on a third floor, and if anything happens, then OK, let it happen. And as I almost reach our apartment, I realize there’s someone standing at the door, turning the lights on and off. And that was my brother. And he’s like, “Hey, did you get frightened?” And I said, “I’m gonna kill you!”

[She didn’t. Her brother, Avetis, shared a story about his grandfather during one of our gatherings.]

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