“Hey, my woman got pregnant!”

“Hey, my woman got pregnant!”

“Last year, I lived in South Africa for 6 months, I was working for an NGO there and they had very different projects. And one of them was about HIV awareness. We were giving HIV awareness courses to villagers, students.

One day, we went quite far in the countryside, and we did an HIV awareness course for farmers, and only men were present. And basically, you speak about the disease itself, how it spreads, and you also teach people how to use a condom. So we were doing a demonstration of how to use a condom, and we were doing it on a broomstick.

Some months later, we return to this same village to do a different course for another group of people. One of the farmers we gave a course to during our previous visit, ran to us and he was like, “Guys, guys, guys!” And he was in panic. And he goes, “Hey, my woman got pregnant, and I don’t understand, I did all the stuff you told us last time, you know. I had been very attentive during the class.” And we’re like, “OK, OK, stop! What did you do exactly?” And he says, “You know, we wanted to have sex, and so I took a condom, I put it on a broomstick, and I had sex with my wife, and now she’s pregnant! And I don’t get it!”

That’s when you realize the difference between people because of culture, traditions, religion or whatever. We thought it was so obvious, you know. And so we understood that we have to be very precise. Next to the building of our NGO we had these guys doing wood sculptures, and so we asked them to create 20 wooden penises. And ever since we used these wooden penises during our classes so that everyone gets one to practice on.”

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