I Was a Very Religious Person

I Was a Very Religious Person

“I was a very religious person since childhood. My family was religious, they liked me to go to mosque, to pray and fast. But I was following their way of life. After going to university, and speaking with many students at college, I understood that some aspects of my life are not seen in the religion.

So my mind changed. My religion wasn’t corresponding to my needs, so I stopped praying, and fasting. I tried to not become attached to any religion. But as time went by, I tried to synchronize myself with the society, because as an atheist I wasn’t accepted. So I tried to pray sometimes.

Then I visited Saudi Arabia where I saw people following their religion strictly. I liked it and followed it for one or two years. I went to mosque and prayed. And then once, a friend of mine came to me and asked: “What’s the benefit for you from praying all the time. What did you gain?”

Then, in two weeks or so, I quit it again. And now I only follow the things that are moral. And I think that this is better for human beings. I don’t think about other universe. I think about this one. My parents were opposing me and they had very strict reaction, but eventually they left me alone.”

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