Six Months Ago

Six Months Ago

“Six months ago I didn’t want to live anymore, because my life was very messy and confused. No passion, no faith, no happiness. I’d call it a bad moment in my life. My life just terrified me. This was even worse than death for me. I went to a bridge and I sat there for two hours, and I cried, and I cried, and I cried. Then I saw one phrase, a good sentence for life, and I felt a little better.

After that, I read 50 books in two months. I realized that before I didn’t listen to my heart, I was thinking about me, about money, success and other things. I had a lot of fears, I was selfish. And I always compared myself with others. But after reading the books, I wanted to listen to other peoples’ stories, I wanted to listen to my heart. So I decided to travel around the world.

It’s been three months I am traveling now. I went to America, then I volunteered in Kenya where I met orphans. I taught them, I played with them, I fed them, and I learned a lot of things from the African children. They’re very clean and pure. Then I traveled to Egypt, Israel, Belgium, Holland, Austria, and now I am here [Isfahan, Iran], and after that I will go to Dubai, Oman, and India for meditation and for volunteering, and after I will go to China, and then finally back to Korea.

Before traveling, I was feeling lonely and sad. But now I know. Happiness is not outside but inside of me. I am no longer living a life to be recognized by other people. There are no answers in life. It is important to live with gratitude, everyday! Thank you all, a happy and sad event.”

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