The Ghost of the Attic

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“Back in the days when I was in the elementary school, I was quite a trouble maker. I was selfish, a devil. I was 8 or 9 years old. And we had this attic in our school that no one was allowed to go. It was like a storage room. Nobody went there, and nobody dared to go there. So, me and one of my friends thought that we should start a rumor about a ghost in the attic.

During the first two weeks, nobody believed us, nobody thought it was real. But we made it happen, we made everyone believe that there was a ghost. We took younger kids there and said, “Look! There’s a ghost! Just passed you!” Still to this day, there’s a rumor about the ghost of the attic in that school. And nobody knew who started the ghost story, no one found it out that it was us.”

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