Waiting for the Sun

Waiting for the Sun

“In 1996, me and my friend Knarik who is in Yerevan now, visited the “Arevik” resort at the Lake Sevan to spend our summer vacations. It was our first day there, so we decided to make it interesting – jogging, watching a sunrise, or a sunset, and other things like that. Other people joined us and we decided to spend the night on the beach and greet the sun in the morning.

We took blankets with us and sat around the bonfire to share stories, drink beer, etc. Eventually, everyone got tired and sleepy, but we resisted as much as we could to see the sunrise. So we waited, and waited, and everyone fell asleep, I was the only person still awake. I was determined to see the sunrise. After some time I noticed that the day broke, but there was no sun in the sky.

The chef of the canteen was passing by and upon seeing us on the beach, he asked what were doing on the beach at such an early hour. I said we’re waiting to see the sunrise. And he just stared at us and said, “But the sun is rising up there.” And he pointed to the opposite direction.”

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