Tea with Strangers. Open-air Chinese tea ceremonies with strangers around the world.

“In the town of Ashtarak, I worked as a waiter in a cafe where I met John, the father of Patil (“Snowflake” in Armenian). Eventually, we became close friends. I was John’s only friend in Armenia, his wife and daughter weren’t here at that time. We had many hard and interesting days together. And when John’s wife and Patil arrived, I was asked to be the baby’s godfather.

I don’t know how it feels to be a parent, but being a godfather is certainly an incredible feeling. Each step of your godchild is very important for you, and you try your best so that she makes the right steps. And even if she fails, you help her to become stronger, to be closer to God. Spiritual education, that’s what godfather is responsible for. Patil drives me nuts often, but I love her so much.”

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