“It was long ago. Me and my friend we decided to climb the mount Azhdahak. We hiked to the plateau and spent a night with Yezidi shepherds in their tents and continued our way in the morning. We asked them how we can get to the nearby Lake Akna. “Go that way straight, and it about 20 minutes you’ll see the lake,” they told us.

And so we walked away. 20 minutes passed, half an hour, 40 minutes… There was a hill ahead, and on its slopes there was a container house. And right under it, there was another one. The symmetry was unbelievable, there was no way people could install the two container homes in such a way. We walked closer and then froze on our spots. It’s been 10 minutes since we were staring at the lake. Its surface was so still that we didn’t realize that the second house was actually a reflection.”

“Another time, together with my friend [both actors] we were hiking in the mountains and then we went down to the Geghard monastery. We had our huge backpacks, and the Geghard was full of tourists. And there were two diaspora Armenians ahead of us, and one was explaining what opera is to the other.
-Do you know what opera is?
-So there’s this black guy who strangles a white girl and sings.”

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