I fell in love with Armenia

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“I want to share a story about my love for my homeland. I lived in Saint Petersburg [Russia] since I was 20 years old. And it happened so that I had to come to Armenia on a sad occasion. My mother’s apartment was stolen from her through a machination. She passed away, and I came here to fight for justice and take the case to the court. But despite these bad events, I didn’t feel any hatred. In fact, I fell in love with Armenia. I liked it a lot, especially, the humaneness I saw here.

So I left my job and apartment in Saint Petersburg and moved to Armenia. And I began to ride a bicycle, joining cycling tours. And I was able to cycle to Dilijan and other places with the support of the people surrounding me. I’m grateful to the fate and the people. Oh, and I also met a man here who became very dear to my heard, I got married, and today I’m here with his children.”

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