How I Found My Dog

How I Found My Dog

“We’ve always wanted to have a dog, but as our home is not big enough, we never got one. But one day, when my neighbor was coming home, she found a dog on the street and she decided to keep the dog, but her mother didn’t want it. And she didn’t know what to do with it. And so we took that dog and kept him for one week. Then we went to the vet, because we wanted to see it was someone’s dog.

And we found out that it had a microchip, so the dog belonged to someone. We tried to contact the person, it was very difficult, but eventually we found him and he wanted the dog back. Despite the fact, that during this time that we kept the dog, he didn’t even tried to look for it, and it was strange that he asked us to return the dog. So, after keeping him for a month, we gave the dog back. It was a very hard moment for us, because we had a very strong connection with that dog.

So we decided to get a new one. We went to an animal shelter and got a dog. They were eight brothers, and he was the last one left, the others were taken to families. And now we are in touch with those people who took the other dogs.”

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