Grandfather’s Songs

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“My grandfather on mom’s side was from the Mush area. During the Genocide they escaped to Armenia, but he didn’t speak much about it. He was avoiding it. But I remember that he was playing duduk [traditional Armenian double-reed woodwind flute made of apricot wood] and was singing Mush songs, so I grew up listening to these songs. He was … Continue reading “Grandfather’s Songs”

The Stranger and The Helicopter

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“I was with a friend in Finland. We went to Lapland, took a tour there. And then we thought, “Hey, let’s hitchhike from the Polar Circle to Helsinki.” We decided to try it to see if we can do that, because nobody lived there. We wanted to see how far we can get. So the first driver, a tall Finnish … Continue reading “The Stranger and The Helicopter”


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“In the town of Ashtarak, I worked as a waiter in a cafe where I met John, the father of Patil (“Snowflake” in Armenian). Eventually, we became close friends. I was John’s only friend in Armenia, his wife and daughter weren’t here at that time. We had many hard and interesting days together. And when John’s wife and Patil arrived, … Continue reading “Snowflake”

European or Chinese Tea?

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“I was caught in the rain once in London. I was new in the city, left the house without an umbrella, it started raining… well, to make it short, I got wet. And felt that I’m getting sick. There was a garage with a sign that said “tea room”. I went in and saw two Chinese men engaged in a … Continue reading “European or Chinese Tea?”