“Tea with Strangers” turns 1 year old

Tea with Strangers. Open-air Chinese tea ceremonies with strangers around the world.

On March 21, 2016, the “Tea with Strangers” project marked its first anniversary. It’s hard to believe, but one year passed since the day we launched the project at the Lover’s Park in Yerevan, Armenia. Over 100 people attended the opening event: our friends came to support us, strangers came to learn more about the project and drink Chinese tea.

Throughout this one year, we’ve organized over 10 open-air Chinese tea ceremonies in the cities of Yerevan, Gyumri and Etchmiadzin in Armenia and even traveled to Iran and shared tea and stories in Isfahan. And in September 2015, we participated in an Armenian-Turkish reconciliation project – “Acting Together”. Within the framework of the project, we collected family stories and memories about the Armenian Genocide that will be published in a 3-language magazine later this year. Meanwhile, some of the stories recorded during our tea ceremonies were featured in the “Yerevan” magazine’s first issue of the 2016.

We met new friends, we met strangers who inspired us, we learned a lot. And it’s only the beginning!

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