“Tea with Strangers” traveled to Isfahan, Iran

Tea with Strangers. Open-air Chinese tea ceremonies with strangers around the world.

When the idea of the “Tea with Strangers” first came to us, we knew we will not limit ourselves to Yerevan or Armenia only, because we also wanted to listen to the stories of strangers in other cities/countries, too. We knew that traveling is going to be part of it. And although the tea ceremony set adds an extra kilo or two to our backpacks, the pleasure of having conversations with strangers over a cup of Chinese tea is worth it.

So, in November 2015, we traveled to Iran where we’ve organized our first “Tea with Strangers” session outside of Armenia. The open-air Chinese tea ceremony took place at the Sofeh mountain park in the city of Isfahan on November, 27th. Our hosts in Isfahan, Javad and Eli, helped us to organize the event and spread the word. Both locals and foreign travelers visiting Isfahan attended the meeting, tasting various types of Chinese tea and sharing their stories, some of which, like the story of Jaeun, a traveler from Korea, touched us deeply.

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