“Is He One of Our Ancestors?”

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“I have always been attracted to China, its culture, literature. Don’t know why. And my surname is Janshyan, only members of our family bear this surname. So, one day I purchased a travel book for my children. And in this book, we read that if Marco Polo was the one who introduced China to the Europeans, then Europe was introduced … Continue reading ““Is He One of Our Ancestors?””

Waiting for the Sun

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“In 1996, me and my friend Knarik who is in Yerevan now, visited the “Arevik” resort at the Lake Sevan to spend our summer vacations. It was our first day there, so we decided to make it interesting – jogging, watching a sunrise, or a sunset, and other things like that. Other people joined us and we decided to spend … Continue reading “Waiting for the Sun”

“Hey, my woman got pregnant!”

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“Last year, I lived in South Africa for 6 months, I was working for an NGO there and they had very different projects. And one of them was about HIV awareness. We were giving HIV awareness courses to villagers, students. One day, we went quite far in the countryside, and we did an HIV awareness course for farmers, and only … Continue reading ““Hey, my woman got pregnant!””

The Thieves

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“I’m a very absent-minded person, and sometimes I just forget what I did throughout the day. So, once I left our apartment and returned the next day only to discover that the door viewer had dropped out of the door and there’s just a hole on its place. Since I lived with my sister in that apartment, the first thought … Continue reading “The Thieves”

Strange Whisper on the Stairs

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Once, me and my brother were watching a thriller late at night, in which the lights turn off, and there are strange noises, and then the lights turn on and someone gets murdered. So, one day, I’m coming back home from work at midnight, and as I walk up the stairs the lights suddenly turn on. And I hear some … Continue reading “Strange Whisper on the Stairs”