Hitchhiking Siberia: First Day on the Road

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Located in southern Siberia, Lake Baikal is often referred to as the unofficial pilgrimage destination among Russia’s hitchhikers’ community. Ever since I started hitchhiking and traveling around Russia, I would often meet fellow wanderlust souls who either hitchhiked to Lake Baikal or had the trip in their bucket lists. Their stories sparked my interest and very soon Lake Baikal became … Continue reading “Hitchhiking Siberia: First Day on the Road”

Of Strangers and Roads

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“About six years ago, me and my friend decided to travel to France. It was her long-time dream. Back then I lived in Moscow, while she was based in Minsk. Our journey began on one summer day – we hitchhiked through Poland and Czech Republic, and were to travel to Germany next, but we got stuck on the road right … Continue reading “Of Strangers and Roads”

How I met the Pope

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“In 2012, I was participating in a youth program, so I lived in a small village in Italy for two years with students from conflicting countries. We all lived together, studied, did various projects. And so, one day our delegation received an invitation to attend the annual audience with the Pope. Our group, 30 people, traveled to Vatican, and we … Continue reading “How I met the Pope”

I fell in love with Armenia

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“I want to share a story about my love for my homeland. I lived in Saint Petersburg [Russia] since I was 20 years old. And it happened so that I had to come to Armenia on a sad occasion. My mother’s apartment was stolen from her through a machination. She passed away, and I came here to fight for justice … Continue reading “I fell in love with Armenia”

The Mother-in-Law

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In the 1990s, I had to fly to Stavropol [a city in Russia] with one of my colleagues. The smaller airport was still operating back in those days with Yak airliners serving as commuters. We went to the airport, there were many people waiting for the same flight. And I met one of my friends who said that his mother-in-law … Continue reading “The Mother-in-Law”